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Aaron Shaw


Aaron Shaw

About Aaron and the Podcast

Healthspan is the length of time within our lifespan that we are healthy and vibrant. 

This podcast simplifies the science of healthspan into easy to understand language. Each episode is 10-30 minutes and includes 1 action item that can be done today to improve your health and healthspan!

No fads here, just practical information and guidance from an expert with nearly 30 years experience in the health industry. 

Topics range from nutrition, to exercise and physical durability, to sleep and healthy habits, to navigating injuries and illness. 

Host Aaron Shaw has experience as an occupational therapist, certified hand therapist, strength coach and has been a health and fitness columnist and presenter at numerous conferences and events. He currently works with select clients looking to maximize their unique healthspan. 

Aaron Shaw


Aaron is an international speaker, distinguished author, and dedicated advocate for holistic health and wellness. 

With a wealth of experience spanning over nearly three decades, Aaron has dedicated his focus to healthspan – the length of time within our lifespan that we are healthy and vibrant.

Fueled by a desire to innovate, Aaron founded Healthspan PhysioCoaching, reflecting his commitment to providing a more personalized and immersive experience for discerning clients who prioritize their health, fitness, and well-being. Through this exclusive offering, Aaron fosters deeper connections with individuals aspiring to unlock their full physical potential, regardless of age or injury history.

Aaron’s clients, ranging from Olympic medalists to those starting a healthy living routine for the very first time, join for the unparalleled level of expertise, attention, and service. 

Healthspan PhysioCoaching Services

Unlock your unique health potential with Healthspan PhysioCoaching, a revolutionary approach to health and well-being tailored for accomplished individuals like you, seeking a renewed sense of vitality.
It’s as easy as following simple, step-by-step health behaviors backed with the expertise of your very own coach.
This program integrates the principles of physical rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, habit formation, and nutrition coaching to empower you to achieve your unique physical potential, regardless of age, medical condition, or injury history. 

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